The Fish Cakes

300 g boneless Tenggiri fish fillets, Cubes
2 pcs Kaffir Lime Leaf, Sliced thin
1 tsp fish sauce
1/2 tsp white pepper powder
30 g Long Bean cubes
2 eggs
oil for frying

Thai sweet chili sauce


  1. Combine fish, fish sauce, white pepper powder and egg in food processor. Process until well combined. Then add on Long Bean cubes and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  2. Shape mixture into patties.
  3. Poor enough oil into s heavy skillet to fill the pan 1/2 inch of oil. Heat over medium-high heat until hot. Fry fish cakes for 8 minutes, turning once, or until golden brown.


Petikan dari JUSCO PEARL July 2007

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