Weight Gain During Pregnancy

The weight gain of every expected mother varies. The ideal total weight gain should be 10-12.5kg. You may put on more or less weight. Most women do not gain much weight in the first three months. However your weight may increase tremendously during the three months. Weight gain slows down to about 1kg per month during the last three months.

Managing Your Weight

It may be due to an inherent lean body build, illness or poor food habits. If the caused is illnedd or poor food habits, it is important to you to establish a good diet now as your body nutrient stores may be low.Your total weight gain should be a gain which brings you uo to your desirable weight and an additional 10-12.5kg.

You maybe at increased risk for hypertension and gestational diabetes. However, pregnancy is not a time for “dieting”. Stick to healthy,balanced meal plan instead of indulging yourself in foods high in fat and/or sugar. Ypur total weight gain shoul be about 90kg.

3- Healthy Weight
Do not use pregnancy as an excuse for overeating. You should be eating for two but remember you do not need to eat double quantity at every meal in order to benefit “two”. Quality is more important than quantity. Eat nutritious food rather than “junk food” to get energy. Eating the right amount of nutritious food will help you to prevent excessive weight gain.

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